Hello World!


Players compete for territory, production, and strength Halite is an AI programming game where players build smart bots that compete for territory with each other on a 2D grid. Find me on the leader board. References:

Animation of Liquids

Pouring water into a glass box In this project, I implemented a physics-based system to simulate liquids dynamics. Download the report paper here. Check out the video.

Point Location Query

Constructed US map for point location query Implemented a solution to the point location query problem using trapezoidal decomposition. The planar graph is stored in a data structure modified from a doubly connected edge list.

Smoke Simulator

Simulating smoke flow with obstacles in a 2D grid Implemented a smoke simulator by solving velocity and density fields using Navier-Stokes equations.


A normal map automatically generated from the given
                    silhouette Lumo is a system that adds shading to cartoon characters. This project implemented a system that automatically generates normal maps given a silhouette image.